Mutineer: Overboard Swag Bag

Mutineer: Overboard Swag Bag

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A new sack o' plunder!

There is SO much about Mutineer that lends well to swag-y goodness. And it seems I can't help myself but make more whenever an opportunity presents itself. So here comes a new swag bag! 

At least a dozen new surprise pieces of swag! Stickers, poker chips, pins, and more! Take a peek at what was in the first campaign's swag bag. This one is even bigger! In fact, it's heavy enough to register as 2 decks to Gambler's Warehouse. It's pretty epic 😁

50 made, 15 left!

The contents of this swag bag will not be available separately later. So come, me hearties, and let's divide the spoil!